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Welcome to Utopian Brewing

Lager brewed to perfection


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Utopian Brewing is bringing a fresh approach to the British brewing scene.

Our new sustainably powered brewery will introduce a refreshing range of original craft lagers made purely from British grown ingredients.

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Utopian Brewing is busy creating a new brewery and visitor centre in picturesque mid-Devon, celebrating British brewing and incredible lager. Britain has a great brewing heritage yet the vast majority of lagers that you see on tap and supermarket shelves are brewed by the mega brewers. We want to bring the same dedication and artisan craft, care and attention to lagers that is currently given to ales

We’re preparing to create some exceptional premium lager, brewed with top quality British ingredients to give people a choice that goes beyond current craft beers and big brand lager. Our lagers will be innovative, flavoursome and most importantly, delicious.


There are 31 commercially grown British Aroma Hop varieties in the UK.

British hop aromas include notes such as tangerine, citrus, grass, grapefruit, chocolate, blackcurrant, spice, pepper, apricot, marmalade, mint, honey, floral & molasses. The UK is the only country to have focused so strongly on disease resistance, making our British hops both environmentally friendly and inevitably more appealing. Very few British hops are irrigated, making them some of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.

The best malting barleys in the world are grown in a maritime climate, which beyond the British Isles are few and far between. Within this, the soil type also makes a marked difference, the best soil for barley described simply as “loam over chalk”. Within the UK this can be easily identified as “the Icknield Series”, which stretches south west from Yorkshire right down to the western tip of Salisbury Plain.


sustainably brewed

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our team

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Richard is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience spanning large multinational plcs to start-ups. Starting work in IT sales, he rose to exec board level of a large UK plc before starting his first business in 2002. Along with a broad-based business experience he shares a genuine passion for the beer and hospitality sectors. Richard was an early stage investor in two UK pub & bar companies as well as starting his own business developing EPOS and information systems. He was a director of the Faucet Inn Pub Company from 2002 to 2010 and for the 2 years prior to setting up Utopian in 2017, worked full time in the Faucet business assisting Steve Cox with a new finance facility and the reorganisation of operational functions. Richard has a degree in Chemistry from Imperial College London.



Steve has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and is currently the CEO of Golden Brick Pubs Limited. As well as a successful eclectic mix of pubs, bars and boutique hotels, Steve also recently launched the Scandinavian inspired and multi award winning  casual dining restaurant and bar chain. Prior to owning his own estate Steve had founded and ran his own marine salvage business and worked as a consultant for a number of large hospitality company's  being responsible for developing and opening a wide range of bar and entertainment venues. Alongside his interests in Golden Brick Steve is also an  investor and independent adviser to a number of young food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers.



Stephen is a Chartered Tax Advisor and has worked extensively with both small and large companies and worked with a number of start ups across a range of industries. Stephen trained with a small accountancy firm in Croydon before moving to BDO for five years and then Ernst & Young for three. He is now one of the managing partners of Mariana UFP, a financial services group covering a broad range of businesses, including EIS fund creation and management, and an accountancy and tax consultancy business which Stephen leads.