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Striving to reduce our waste and to be self sufficient in energy

We will always work to improve how sustainable our business is. From the process of brewing to our packaging and the way in which we generate and consume our energy.

We care, about the provenance of our ingredients and see absolutely no reason to ship ingredients halfway around the world when we can brew with incredible home grown produce. That’s why we use 100% British ingredients.

The spent grain from our brews are used as animal feed and we generate our own Nitrogen which is used extensively in place of carbon dioxide (CO2). Added to the natural carbonation that we use in our brewing process our requirement for transporting tanks of CO2 around is massively reduced over comparably sized facilities. We also use heat exchangers extensively to reduce heat wastage.

All packaging we use is 100% recyclable with no single-use plastics and all of our merchandise is organic, fair trade and recyclable.

We are currently in the planning phase for our solar panels on the roof and a bio waste water plant so that we will generate zero waste and be virtually self sufficient in electricity. We have and absolute ambition to become carbon neutral and whilst we will add biomass boilers and additional electricity generation as the opportunities arise, we will also continually review our use of energy and look for creative ways that we can reduce it.