Beta Brew


Utopian Beta Brew, the prototype for Utopian Lager and the first brew made to our own recipe. 

This beer has been brewed in the German ‘Helles’ style. Helles comes from the word ‘Hell' meaning light, and was first brewed at a time when dark lager ruled the brewing landscape. 

Our Beta Brew Lager may have a European influence, but it is brewed with 100% British grown ingredients. In the mash we used lager malt, with a touch of biscuity munich malt, both made in Yorkshire, to give the beer a solid malt base. We then added First Gold and East Kent Golding hops to the boil to lend the beer a clean, crisp bitterness and a delicate fruity and floral aroma. 

After a slow, cold fermentation, and over a month in tank, we are excited to finally have the first cans and kegs ready to taste! 

We love it but would love to know what you think. Please take a few moments to take this brief survey and help us make the next one even better.

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